1. Feel Free (Lots of Flexibility)

It is good to take admission in School of open learning (SOL) DU because you don’t have classroom bound . You can study pretty much anywhere , regardless of when you like to study morning or night you can choose your best suitable time.

Also you feel good being in SOL when you saw the students of regular colleges who get irritated by their college’s rules and examination process .

2. You can start earning while learning

YaY! If you have talent and crazy about your passion than you have a lots of time to follow your dream or passion.

Also you can start your own business , if you have such ability.

3. Have Patience

If you don’t have patience about your PCP classes  and declaration of result than surely you get irritated by the system of SOL campus.

4. Helpline Service Is Not Good

You try 15 times a day but there is only few chances that they pickup your call.

You have to visit the SOL campus for every small doubts and information.

  • Miss The Regular College Life

Seriously !!!!  Every time you want to be the part of regular colleges activities, those friends circle and college societies.

Although you can attend every fest and annual function of any college of Delhi University.

You just need to bring ID card with you.

  • Book Bank (Library)

The book bank of SOL helps the underprivileged students by providing them the required books.

Also you don’t need to return books immediately.

You can deposit your books after completing your exams.

  • No Gap Between Exams


If you do a program course from SOL, you come to know that there is no gap between exams, even you have your exam on SUNDAY.

Exams held in evening shift for program course.

You don’t have time to revise properly for next day exam.

  • Exams Centre Too Far

The exams centre always too far from your residential area.

For the students of honors it will be okay! As their exams held in morning  but the students of program get difficulties to reach the exam hall at time as their exams held in evening shift.

  • Campus Location

YEAH!!! Vishwavidyalaya

Everyone love that metro station ,specially girls.

Girls can buy the attractive accessories . In Delhi girls are crazy about their looks here you get a choice of earings and many more accessories.

You also love to sit there, is lots of college students who sit there and enjoy the street food .

Steps down the Vishwavidyalaya metro station and you will find those overtly welcoming rickshaw wallas advertising their rides . Every time you visit the SOL campus you never get irritate as vishwavidyalaya is very attractive place for students.

  • Go Out And Have Fun

Roam around the SOL campus, explore the Delhi and make a lots of memories.

You will never be more carefree and devoid of responsibilities in your life, so make sure that you have your share of fun.

By :Misha Deshwal


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