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Admission to Foreign Languages | Delhi University

Admission to foreign languages is a very common yet ignored admission procedure and most of the times it is overlooked. The notices for these classes come up and are put down in a blink of an eye and hence staying alert is probably the only way to get in. The most bewildering aspect of the process that makes it so complicated to understand is its inconsistent nature. Yep! Every college often follows its own rules and starts and begins the procedure according to its own convenience. So how can one get started?

Step 1: What student type are you?

There is only one of the two options. You are probably a student seeking admission to this course in your own college (Group Insider) or maybe you wish to take admission in this course in some other college (Group Outsider). You can take admission in these courses irrespective of your previous or current under-graduation/post-graduation degree focus or your university. Literally, anyone is allowed to be a part of these courses in most of the colleges. It is not necessary to be a student of Delhi University to enrol in these courses in several colleges.

Step 2: Where do you fit? The Eligibility Criteria:

There are three different types of degrees for each language that you wish to study.

For certificate course, eligibility is your (any) previous examination marks. It could be your class 12th marks, graduation degree marks or post-graduation degree marks.

After certificate course, level 2 is Diploma Course where eligibility is your score in certificate course examination.

Often, the final level is Advanced Diploma or Advanced Certificate where accordingly your eligibility criterion shifts to the previous examination taken for the language.

Each Certification usually has a duration of 6-8 months that begin in August and end in April mostly.

Step 3: When do you apply?

The admission to foreign languages usually begins in the month of July or August strictly depending on the college you decide. If you are an insider, we suggest you to regularly scan the college notice boards for updates. Such notices are put up with all the information on the college notice board. If you are an outsider, you must regularly visit the college website in which you wish to take admission. This is probably the only hack staying updated. We recommend you to make a list of colleges you wish to take admission into and then check the college’s website daily.


Benefits of Studying Foreign Language Courses from DU

Step 4: How do you apply?

After the required notices are put up, you need to visit the admin office of the particular college on the selected dates (as mentioned in the notices) with the required documents and fill out their form. Documents may vary depending on the eligibility criteria as mentioned above. One must carry photos, latest character certificate and class 12th mark sheet in any case.

Step 5: Finding out the Admission Basis

No DU Admission tests are required for entrance to certificate courses in foreign language. Colleges follow one of the two methods to take in admission. Either cut off lists are released or merit lists.

In cut off lists procedure, students with scores higher than the cut off lists are eligible to apply for the seats.

Otherwise, Merit lists contain the names of students arranged in the decreasing order of marks/grade. Students can apply for the seats when they notice their names in the merit lists. Around 2-3 merit lists may be issued depending on the availability of vacant seats. You need to report to the college soon enough. Suppose you got selected in the first list, and if you report after second lists have been announced, the college may choose to cancel your admission.

Language Courses Offered in Delhi University | How to Apply

All these lists are easily found in the notice and news section of the college’s website.

Step 6: The Follow Up

After you have met the admission criteria and are probably securing your seats, offline payments are made for the foreign language courses. The schedule of classes is also put up on the college’s website weeks prior to actual commencement of classes.

For a list of colleges offering these courses, visit here.

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  1. good after noon sir, my question is agar mai private institute sa any language course mai certificate kaar kya du sa diploma or advanced diploma kar sakti hu (regular) or manay may 2018 mai ba program final ka du ka lakshamibai college se exam diya hai please sir tell please……………………


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