Salary in Mechanical engineering

For degree holders in Mechanical engineering the jobs are in the managerial cadre and starting emoluments astrainees work out to be Rs. 9000-Rs.12,000/- approximately per month. Salaries vary with employeeof business of the employing organisation, the industry as well as the academic background of thenew employee.Job prospects arethe areas of application, the better the prospects. For example, mechanical and electronics engineersare required in very many more areas of employment than are naval architects or ceramic engineers. Hence, electrical and electronics engineers work in the computer, missile guidance and powerdistribution fields while mechanical engineers areof the latest technology is vital to rise in theirprofession. It is in the high technology areas that the greatest challenges, most interesting work andthe highest salaries. Adaptable skill; the broadergood on the whole, because Mechanical engineering is such a skill that is employed in almost every sector of industry.

The skill in Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is more of an expertise than a career that can open doors into a vast range of domains in life. Engineers probably have a wider choice of the environment than any other professionals in which they can work. The nature of Mechanical engineering is such that it deals with the application of science and mathematics in the solving of practical problems and the making of useful things. The technological and industrial infrastructure of a country is laid down by engineers. The wide range of Mechanical engineering functions appeals to different temperaments and talents. Creative design, developing ideas, translating them into the end-product, selling, managing resources, people and processes, research are just a few of the activities engineers are involved in. Engineers help build bridges, roads, buildings, cars, computers, power generating units, pollution control systems, and a host of other things that make our daily lives comfortable and progressive.


Students can join the Mechanical engineering degree course right to alter successful completion of the 10+2 level examination with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

the Mechanical engineering degree course is of 4 years duration

Selection Process

Admission to colleges of all-India stature is through an entrance test evaluating the ability of applicants in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. For example, we have the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) and the Roorkee entrance examination for admissions to the Mechanical engineering courses at the University of Roorkee. For admission to the Regional Mechanical engineering Colleges (RECs), the different states conduct separate entrance tests. Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) at Pilani goes in for admissions based on merit in the Plus Two (Science) examination also; the same is true for admission to state Mechanical engineering colleges Iike those in Maharashtra. 

Minimum qualification: A pass in 10+2 or an equivalent examination, or a pass in diploma recognized by AICTE or a State Board of Technical Education. Those expecting to pass one of the above examinations before 30th September of the year of joining may also apply. The candidates should have completed the 11th (10+1) examination before appearing in the Screening Test. In addition to this, candidates also require a SOP for Mechanical Engineering.

 Work Profile

An engineer’s work is a link between scientific discovery and its commercial application. An engineer’s work begins at the drawing board or desk, planning, sketching, drawing technical outlines of projects and after approval of plans, they supervise the implementation of the project on-site or in a factory/industry set-up. Engineers work in the design and development of machinery, products, systems, and processes required for efficient and economical performance; they may work in testing, production, and maintenance of machines as well. Nowadays, some engineers estimate time and cost to complete the projects while some work in sales and Mechanical engineering management too. Design (at the core of the Mechanical engineering process), research and development, manufacturing/production, technical sales and marketing, service, testing, Installation, quality assurance are the major skills in which engineers need to be trained in.

Work Environment

Many engineers work in laboratories, industrial plants, at construction sites, others work in offices. Work hours are fixed but when deadlines or design standards have to be met, extra pressure is put. Few have to travel extensively almost all the time to plants and construction sites.

Preferred Skills/Attitudes

A scientific temper, high academic ability, analytical and numerical skills, Imagination, interest in problem-solving, the ability for teamwork, practical bent of mind, organizing ability are important attributes for engineers. For technical sales and marketing, one needs an outgoing personality.


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