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A lot happens on the streets of North Campus of Delhi University, amidst these red-bricked colleges, but the life inside these red walls is also not so drab! We tried getting a sneak-peek into the insides of Hansraj College one of the most famous colleges of the North Campus, and life here is undoubtedly a surreal experience! We present to you the things only a Hansarian will relate to. Read on!

1. The whacking list of alumni: Hansraj College is famous for its star alumnus, Shahrukh Khan, the king of hearts! Oftentimes, it’s referred to as ‘Shahrukh wala College’. But the list doesn’t end here! It had been the alma mater of many far-famed faces like Abhinav Kashyap, Ranvijay Singh and Kushal Tandon and many politicians like Ajay Maken, KirenRijiju and Lobsang Sangay and eminent scientists like Subhash Saini, Sushil Kumar and V. K. Dadhwal and many more. The alumni connection of the college is peculiar to itself and every student can be proud of it.


2. Hanging out at LP or Lover’s Point: LP or Lover’s Point is quite famous throughout the North Campus, considering the fact that Bollywood actor, Shahrukh Khan proposed his wife Gauri, here itself! At present, it’s the favourite hangout place of students and a hub of various activities including ebullient NukkadNataks. It’s seldom seen vacuous. It’s like the scintillating heart of the campus.

3. Lush Green Silhouettes to watch for: The exuberant green grasses and flora of the college is like an additive tranquillizer. I’ve seen plants and trees of various families labelled with their botanical names! The college has two front gardens and a botanical garden, along with oodles of greenery, which automatically makes the campus serene.

4. A Brobdingnagian array of Societies:  From western dance to classical beats, from sports to music, you’ll find a society for every extracurricular activity in Hansraj College. Also, societal fests and departmental fests are a must to watch for! Some of the famous ones are TerpsiChorean (Choreography Society), Swaranjali (Music Society), Kavyanjali ( Poetry Society), Dramatics Society and many more.


5. Bragging about the movies shot here:  Being present at the ambient location, Hansraj is one of the top choices of filmmakers who wish to shoot in Delhi University. Movies like Dev D and SahiBandeGalatDhande have captured the campus beautifully. Since the actors of SahiBandeGalatDhande are the alumni of the college, a special screening of the movie was organized for the students. Also, most famous of these, college’s hostel was shown as the hostel of Bittoo Sharma aka Ranveer Singh in the movie ‘Band Baja Barat’. Also, filmmakers captured the campus in the song ‘Tarkeebein’ in a resplendent way.

6. New Canteen: The new, renovated, air-conditioned canteen is surely the eye-catcher of the college. Also, Times of India ranked college’s canteen on the second number in one of its surveys. Canteen’s samosa, spring- rolls and tea are a must have! We also have an accessory canteen near LP, which is for shakes and beverages and is a crowd-puller.

7. Killing time at Staff Canteen: It’s not really a canteen as it sounds, but used by students to kill time in tree shade. It’s often occupied by members of different societies who prep up for upcoming events and also drooling faces completing their assignments.



8. The extravaganza of fest season: Hansraj hosts a variety of fests ranging from its annual fest, Confluence to departmental fests, society fests and not much-known food fest etc. It’s a fun time for students who savour the much-needed holidays and attend fests, but also end up struggling and juggling with internals at the same time! Fests and tests undoubtedly make no awesome pairing! Also, the Diwali Mela organized by NSS ever year is a treat to the eyes.

9. The pluperfect location: The hostel’s entry gate opens up directly to the market of Kamla Nagar or K- Nags, where you’ll find MODs, Costa Coffees, CCD, Batista and KFCs at just a hairsbreadth! Also, its main entry gate leads you to MalkaganjChowk where you can find many E-rickshaws aligned, waiting for you and also several shops for you to check out!

10. The never-ending kerfuffle of students at LP and canteen during recess:- Like caboodle of students of different courses and years, gathered at one place, camouflaging in the LP, lollygagging or grabbing their lunch boxes. This commotion is no less than any overcrowded mela for sure! And yeah, the canteen really makes you wait during this time of the college, due to its packed accommodation.

So, these were the things a Hansarian gets to experience! If you relate to any of the above things, share it with your friends and tag them here! Please share if you liked this article. 🙂

~ ISHITA SINGH (Hansraj College)


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