How to start life at DU? A Freshers Guide – DU Updates

Delhi University is an amazing place for exposure, fun and learning. Its an experience of a lifetime. Ranging from best faculties, a canteen to people from across India, it is going to be an exciting journey.

One of the best things about DU is the diversity of people. You see people from different cultural, ideological and financial backgrounds, and cannot help but marvel at the wide diversity of our country. You get to learn and be a part of the council, different recreational activities and societies.

The first year will be full of confusion. But at the same time, this is when your motivation level will also be at its pinnacle. You’ll find yourself auditioning for the theatre society of your college (even though you’ve never been on a stage before), the debating society (even though the only argument you’ve ever had has been in a comment section of a Facebook post) and even the dance society (because you think dancing on your cousin’s sangeet has given you enough practice). Fresher’s meet is being conducted at the beginning of the session. This event is organized to look for the best faces commonly titled ‘Mr’&‘ Miss’ Freshers.

Then comes the pressure of finding the perfect friend circle. You don’t wanna seem like a loner so you stick around with the first person you interact with on the first day of college.

The Student Elections

Right from the start of the first year, the university elections come up. Elections are full of fun as you will see a lot of movement inside every college. The seniors asking you to vote for their party, banners, posters, other promotional activities and the flood of messages and posts on social media.

You will surely get the vibes of politics &spirit to bring a change!!

Attendance? No worries!

Well, no one can deny the fact that DU students do not worry about attendance. Although it carries some weightage in final results, most of the students do not worry about the attendance part.

The average turnout is much lesser than actual enrollment inside the college. This is because DU offers you much more than just academics.


The Faculty

Another amazing aspect of life at Delhi University is the faculty.

“The books that other universities recommend, their authors teach at DU”, this sentence completely sums up the quality of faculty at Delhi University. However, a more interesting thing is that the faculty members are really friendly. They are not just your teachers, they become your friends.

So, you can expect to have the best mentors being in DU!!

The Fests

The most alluring thing about Delhi University is the student fests, organized in DU colleges. DU is famous for conducting the coolest college fests ever!

These fests are not only known for the celebrities that feature, but also for the amazing crowd that attends these fests. Each college has its own unique name for the fest it hosts. Some of them are Renaissance (Kirori Mal College), Crossroads (SRCC), Tryst (Keshav Mahavidyalaya), Nexus (Sri Venkateshwara College), Mecca (Hindu College) and Confluence (Hansraj College).

Another amazing thing about these fests is that you get to learn, how to organize an event? Student’s get to showcase and brush up their talents in every way possible!!

The Last Night Studies

One has to admit that 90% if the students do not study throughout the whole semester. The urgency of studies only arises when only 2 weeks are left to exams, and for some students, it arises only one night before exams.

Many people relate to this because of the brilliant notes that faculties offer, and also due to the in-depth knowledge which they provide. To score well in DU, you don’t need to get stuck to books throughout the semester, listening to the lectures properly is probably enough.

DU Students Become Multi-Taskers

Most of the students associate themselves with at least one extracurricular activity. Many of them are associated with a lot of activities. Therefore, at DU you will learn how to manage all these things with all important exams?

In no time you will know how to manage studies, co-curricular activities, elections, outings simultaneously. No doubt that you will become an efficient multi-tasker.

Life at DU is what you make it. It can easily be a waste of your time and resources, or you can make the most of it by making the right choices and leave as a whole new person.

~ Preksha Mishra



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