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IELTS is a popular test that is accepted by many renowned Universities around the World. IELTS is an English proficiency test which is the main eligibility criterion for studying in the Universities of the English speaking countries.

IELTS is a more business-oriented English assessment test. The IELTS test score of an individual is checked before he or she is given a job in foreign countries especially in Asia, Europe, Canada, The United States Of America and the African countries. The IELTS scores are generally valid for two years. The credibility of the IELTS score is high and the company may also ask the employees to apply and clear the test on regular intervals if the job tenure is long enough.

It is the most common academic test worldwide and it is thought of as a highly accurate test to check the proficiency of the applicant in English. The scoring in the IELTS exam is done in the form of bands. Every University and country has specified its own cut-off for the number of bands that are required for matching the IELTS eligibility criteria of the University.

IELTS is an integrated test which is not just meant for the testing of the skills of the applicant in terms of his or her theoretical ability in the English language but it is also meant for checking the proficiency in spoken English practices.  The test is also used in the English language and in the recruitment for English teachers who have the job of teaching in the higher educational institutions.

IELTS is essentially a language testing test which may be executed by the conducting agencies in two ways. The first is that form of IELTS whi             ch is undertaken by those who are looking to apply for admissions in courses in the foreign universities. It is also taken by those who are willing to register themselves for the professional tasks in their respective fields so that they can become a licensed worker in the foreign country. The second type of IELTS test is conducted for those who are willing to migrate to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom for studies or to take up professional activities. Those who are willing to attain the secondary education or professional training also have to clear this type IELTS testing.  Both these tests are equally viable for the assessment of English proficiency. They include sections that test the applicants speaking, listening, and writing skills in the English language. 


If you have the inclination and the ability to attain proficiency in the English language then on being certified, you can easily expect to get well-paid assignments in the travel and tourism sector, in relations management, professional communication, entertainment or in a start-up and entrepreneurship. Flair for languages is an inherent quality in us and usually, it is found that if you can acquire proficiency in one language you can also become proficient in any other language provided you go through the right process and work hard. Different jobs require special attributes but in general career in foreign languages or as a linguist requires a good general academic background, interest in national and international events, a quick and flexible mind, interest in the culture and society of a country which may be your own native country or some foreign country also.

ELIGIBILITY FOR IELTS EXAM The eligibility criteria for appearing in the IELTS exam will differ with the course for which you are thinking to apply for in the foreign countries. As stated earlier, the purpose of your migration to a foreign country will determine the type of IELTS examination you will be required to give be it the Academic type or the IELTS General. Although it is known and understood by all the applicants but the most basic eligibility criteria for the candidate to appear in the IELTS exam is that they must be above the age of 16 and that they must hold a valid passport of their country. The purpose itself is an eligibility criteria for appearance in the IELTS exam. The person can only appear in the exam if either they are planning to migrate to the foreign land for academic purposes or with a work visa to get a job abroad.


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